Water Sommelier – the Education

“To understand water is to understand the cosmos, the marvels of nature, and life itself.”
- Masaru Emoto

The education “Water Sommelier” is unique in the world and is held at the internationally renowned Doemens Academy in Graefelfing near Munich. Next to a theoretical knowledge transfer about the widely varying water types and their characteristics, the course is enriched with many sensory trainings, group tasks and field trips. In total 80 training units are held in 9 course days. The participants have to prove their acquired knowledge in 4 written and practical exams, which spans all facets and areas of operation of a Water Sommelier. This certification course is offered twice a year, one in German and one in English.

Doemens : Innovation and Tradition 

In 1895, Dr. Albert Doemens wrote in the register of the newly founded First Munich Brewing Academy: “An understanding should be ingrained in the students that practical knowledge, observation and a sharpening of the senses form the essential foundation for a successful career as a brewer.” With this vision, Dr. Albert Doemens laid the groundwork for what Doemens has become, a leading light of the international brewing, beverage and food industries. Since 1965, more than 2000 Doemens graduates are now serving the food and beverage industry in more than 80 countries around the world.

Meet Christina’s Water Mentors 

  • Dr. Peter Schropp is a renowned food chemist with decades of experiences in lecturing alcohol-free beverages and sensory. As one of the founders of this world’s very first Certified Water Sommelier program, Dr. Schropp, currently, serves as the head of the “Doemens Water Sommelier” program, who coaches the field of tastings and sensory perception. Dr. Schropp is also the director of the “Union for Water Sommeliers”.
  • Dipl.-Ing. Nicola Buchner is an expert engineer for brewing beverage technology and is instructor at the Doemens Academy and the World Brewing Academy. Nicola, at the Certified Water Sommelier program, is responsible to mentor students on the topics from “minerals and nutritional physiology”, “glassware, “water and wine” to “water and terroir”, and more.

Want to be a Certified Water Sommelier?

More info is available at www.doemens.org/en/savour-academy/watersommelier.html or email Dr. Schropp at schropp@doemens.org. Their next English certification program is usually taken place in October / November.

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