Water Sommelier...Who?

“A man of wisdom delights in water.”
- Confucius

Water has always been her choice of beverage since childhood. But like most people, she paid no attention to the quality of the water or understanding the true matter of water. She thought all water should be the same. Until the day she faced a health challenge, her decision in changing the water, that optimized cellular hydration and rejuvenation, assisted significantly in overcoming her health challenge. There, her voyage with water began.  Since then, water has become her new passion. 

Christina Li, born in Hong Kong, obtained her Certified Water Sommelier designation at the Doemens Academy in Munich (the first recognized water sommelier certification program in the world). There, she tasted more than hundreds different types of water and was bought to a different spectrum of the water world! There, she learned to differentiate the taste of calcium from the taste of sodium, the taste of low TDS vs high TDS, how different minerals in the water interacting with one’s health, one’s taste or simply with food.

- A Conversation with a Water Sommelier -

Q. Tell us about your job as a water sommelier. What does that entail?

A. My focus is to level up people’s appreciation and enjoyment of water from aspects of nutrition, application and environment. There’s a lot about water that people don’t know! Not many people know about the nutritional value of water. It’s the healthiest thing that can quickly absorb by your body. Many people will go to a restaurant and just order water tap, still or sparkling — that’s it. Lots of education will need to take place. Aside from health, different water will surly vary the dining experience.

Q. Do you smell the water like you would a wine?

A. No, indeed! What you should do is raise the glass and see the color and how clear the water is. Smell it. Taste it with a clean palate. You’d be surprised — you can really see, smell and taste a lot of difference.

Natural mineral rich water can, for example, water, that’s higher in magnesium, is good for your heart, muscles and brain.”  

Q. How about purified water, such as reverse osmosis or distilled water?

A. Not my choice of preference in water.  Water is a natural substance!  To me, water purified through distillation or reverse osmosis is just a “GMO” or packaged water, which lose its authenticity. Water that has no natural minerals will cause mineral depletion and possible health risk, according to World Health Organization (WHO).

Q. Is 8-glass of water a day your suggested water intake?

A. Common sense applies here. A lady at 100 lbs will require less water to function than a 200-lbs bodybuilder. Water intake shall be according to one’s body weight, one’s activities and the environment. General rule: half of one’s body weight in lbs shall be the minimum amount of daily water intake in oz.

Q. What’s one thing we can change in our daily routine?

A. If you do drink coffee or tea, you should try to make it with natural mineral water or hydrogen rich water! Coffee made with minerals will have more complex taste and aroma, and you will love it.  Reminder: Stay hydrated.

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