Our Mission and Dedication

“Water is the driving force of all nature.”
- Leonardo da Vinci

Water IS the greatest commodity in our world — it is elemental to our health, our environment and our economy. But, it’s often overlooked and under-appreciated.  Water relating crisis are surfacing each and every day, which will only be worsen for our next generations!  Actions can no longer be delayed – we must ACT now to care about how to consume water smarter and greener!

As a Water Sommelier, I’m dedicated to educate and curate smarter quality water solutions for you, your families and your businesses to better your health and our environment.  I believe the more we know, the more we know how to act! I believe, together, we can slow down the water relating crisis! I’m calling you to join me in this mission to save the world together!

WaterSommelier.ca is created in support of this dedication and mission This site will be updated often and please take this as your personal e-resources for easy access to most things about water. For those whom want to take action and better their water now, you can find my personal recommendation our “Water World” section.

If you are an entrepreneur, a corporate executive or a restaurant owner and would like to start a smarter and greener water initiative for your company, I, together with our panel of experts, are here to work with you to co-create a program of any capacity from water seminar, water menu to water analysis at your facility, we will co-strategize the communications to your needs.

One can do so little, together we can do more!  

8%* (8 is the symbol of infinite when viewing side way) of our net proceeds generating from all of our offerings including our online store, our consultation service and my speaking commission will be allocated to two non-profit organizations in support of their charity efforts in bettering our world.  Our two selected Canadian charities for 2021 & 2022 are Safe Drinking Water Foundation and Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides Read more about other water charities at our Charitable Giving page.

Once again, thank you for joining us!  With each of us taking little more effort each day, together, our global community, our next generations shall access to quality water for a longer time!  Meanwhile, be Happy and Well, stay hydrated ~

Love in Every Drop,

Principal Sommelier at Water Sommelier Inc.
The first and only Certified Water Sommelier in Canada


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